Sometimes A Little Pony Gets Depressed.

October 2, 2013

Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed, Song by Silver Jews and video by My Little Pony

I think everyone needs a playlist on hand for those days (.. or weeks … or months) when they are just feeling blue. This song is one of my favorites of my Blue Day collection. And look! I found a fan video with all My Little Ponies – with the images spot on with the lyrics! My heart is happy in this moment.

I love this song because in those moments of feeling down, it is too easy to get stuck in our own story and forget that we are part of something much larger than ourselves.  Somehow just the phrase “sometimes a pony gets depressed” can help me remember that we can find respite from our suffering by stepping outside our immediate circumstance and kindly keeping ourselves company as it is our turn to be depressed.

I love this video with my little ponies because….  well, duh.  MY LITTLE PONIES VIDEO.  Self explanatory.


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