What a great way to start National Eating Disorders Awareness Week:  Jennifer Lawrence is so unexpectedly fierce.  She has said a lot of awesome things about loving her body, despite being considered “obese” by Hollywood standards.  I loved watching her in this clip above.  She is just being her goofy, relate-able, human self even when the environment pulls for outward beauty and the illusion of perfection.

Jennifer Lawrence, you can be my wing man anytime.

Find ways you can be involved National Eating Disorders Awareness Week here.

jennifer lawrence


1.  Killing is against human nature.

2.  Wealth makes us less compassionate.

3.  People are motivated to help others by empathy, not reason or numbers.

4.  Power flows from social and emotional intelligence, not strength and viciousness.

5.  Social connection trumps power and independence.

Go here to read the blog entry in full – it’s worth a read.