I’ve got a Facebook page!

April 25, 2013



I'm not sure I understand Facebook


After much heel dragging, I have finally started a facebook page.  Woohoo!  (Okay, actually the feeling for me is more like “Gulp!”)

The page is Frances Ulman PhD.  Still working on how I will balance content between my blog and the FB page.  Meanwhile, please enjoy this picture above that shows my level of Facebook literacy.  I hope I don’t break Facebook while learning my way around it.    :)


2 Responses to “I’ve got a Facebook page!”

  1. Kelly Kuhn said

    Very cute! I wish you the best of luck. I’m one step behind you – reading everything that says facebook is a must to grow a following/presence, but I’m not sure how to balance content, or even how to make it complimentary to my blog. Baby steps, I guess. Good for you for taking the plunge!

  2. Yes – it’s overwhelming for me! Plunge feels about right. I finally just decided to just take the plunge and see if I sink or swim. I’m happy to talk with you about what I might learn along the way after I’ve tried it out for a while. Feel free to email sometime if you ever have any questions!

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