One More For the Distress Tolerance Toolkit

March 4, 2013

In times of distress, it is helpful to remember that we live in a world much bigger than ourselves and our current state of suffering.  Visiting nature webcams is a great strategy for shifting our attention onto something other than our distress.  Beach/ocean related webcams are my favorite, as there is always something going on.

Here are two good sources:

Surfchex (largely NC) web cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium web cams

(I particularly like the kelp forest.  I find the constant shift and flow of fish and kelp to be very soothing.)

Plenty of other web cams available from around the world so search until you find some that work for you!


Not sure what I mean by distress tolerance tools?  Click here to learn more.

Want some more suggestions of distress tolerance activites?  Click here for more suggestions.


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